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GB3SR Loc: JO03CB. WAB TF47.





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Broadband working without known problems

However please read

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Site updated; 06th Jan 2019










For some reason best be-known to my Broadband supplier

Everyone morning (00.00hrs to 03.00hrs) they seem to reset my system.

It appears that's its a power down via the system externally controlled by my supplier.

It has been pointed out that BT do not like you using a VPN, thus reset your system, throwing your VPN in to disarray and you have to turn it back on, on each unit it is installed on. THANKS BT for nothing. Using a VPN allows you to access blocked sites. Long live VPN`s

As it is not attached to my BT router anymore as it interferes with the repeater GB3SR, as the VPN stops traffic unless authorized. Not what we want really.

I have an ASUS (DSL-AC86U Wireless AC1900) router (at great expense) to put in line. Set up ready to go but time has been at a premium since the middle on November, Yes! I typed November.

It is intended to put the unit in line January 10th so the broardband system will be on off and on line interitantlly untill the set up is complete.The repeater will remain on.




Whats On





  • Wednesday & Friday nights


Finds the return of the once popular TB net.

I will call on 1946 (LSB) from 20.00hrs

but I may be a little late due to personal commitments.

Friday night has proven to be popular on TB from about 20.30hrs if you have the time




May we wish each and every one of you a very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise






How To


How to Use


  • The repeater is controlled by DTMF tones.


  • *3 <followed by the node number> to link. Example: *327066


  • *1 < followed by the node number> to unlink. Example: *127066


  • Very important: Always unlink from a node before linking to another.


  • *70 tells you which current node you are connected to


  • *71 forces disconnection of all nodes


  • *81 gives current time announcement.


  • The repeater can accept incoming connections from other nodes.


Flying the GB Flag

We flying the flag for the UK and try to get the best out of operating on the bands and being heard.

Think about whats best for you



  • HF and VHF/UHF at local and international level
  • Data, Voice, CW and DV operating
  • Introductions to new aspect of our hobby
  • The best equipment for your location
  • The best antenna






  • Auf Wiedersehen
  • Arrivederci
  • Au Revoir
  • Hejdå
  • Le'hitraot
  • Sampai Jumpa
  • Farvel
  • Do zobaczenia
  • Adeus Do svidan
  • Ja ne - Japanese
  • Adios
  • Paalam
  • Zai Jian
  • Zoi Geen Farvel
  • Fir Milenge

FM Radio


  • Khuda Haafis
  • Feri bhetaula
  • Adeus
  • Do svidan’ya
  • Tot ziens
  • Adios/Dovidenja
  • Sbohem/Nasvidenje
  • Ma'a as-salaama مع السلامة
  • Viszlát!
  • Näkemiin/Poitu varein
  • Yasou//Hwyl fawr
  • Slan
  • Valete
  • Чао
  • and finaly 73 to all

GB3SR Node No:48940

Please note.

We connect to Nodes 48640 /27066 /27000

World Hub-London Data Centre .


Node 27133 from 18.00hrs to 20.00hrs GMT

for the

Alaska Morning Net

if the World Hub is not connected


Enjoy the airways.

Thank you for using


Notice for the visually in paired.

If any of the colours on the site make it difficult to read its content please advise and we will adjust the colouring accordingly.

Contact via MSM or call 07784292757 and leave a message as

unknown numbers are not answered.

Thank you